About BathTubGuys

The BathTubGuys are Orlando’s ONLY Second Generation family-owned Bathtub Refinishing and Tile Refinishing company offering residential and commercial services in Orlando, FL since 1993.

Why BathTubGuys?

99% of failures with refinishing happen when the surface is not prepared/cleaned properly.
BathTubGuys performs a very detail oriented preparation process in order to combat issues like peeling. Our thorough preparation process consistently delivers a durable and long lasting bond that’s backed up by our Top of the Line Written Warranty.
The BathTubGuys Process:
  • We Decontaminate and mask the Bathroom
  • We Remove Old Caulking & Repair any Small Chips, Rust or Scratches
  • We Perform an Industrial Acid Wash
  • We Perform a Surface Etch and Sand the Surface to Promote a Strong Bond
  • We Apply a Self Etching Aerospace Primer To Further Adhesion Strength
  • We Apply 3-4 Coats of Top Coat
  • We Apply New Caulking around the Bathtub
  • We Remove all masking and do quality assurance and cleanup.
All Work Comes Standard with Our High Quality 7 Year Warranty. 
We are 100% transparent and we will tell you that what we use is not special, it’s not one of a kind. It’s industry standard material that’s been used for decades in the residential and hospitality industry because it works. What sets BathTubGuys apart is our dedication to our process and doing the work by the book to yield the Highest Quality and Longest Lasting Results.

Is your staff trained and Professional?

BathTubGuys technicians are refinishing specialists, trained by in-house, Du-Pont Certified experts, that are Masters at Refinishing Bathtubs, Sinks, appliances, Countertops and similar surfaces.

Most Trusted name in Commercial Bathtub Refinishing.

Our client list includes Holiday Inn Walt Disney World Resort, U.S. Naval Station in Key West, the University of Florida in Gainesville, Wuesthoff Hospital in Melbourne, and many more.

View more here: https://bathtubguys.com/commercial-bathtub-refinishing/

Because of our reputation, The BathTubGuys are the only Refinishing Company trusted by Diamond Resorts International® to seal and refinish their Jetted tubs throughout the Country!

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BathTubGuys– Better Service at a Fair Price Since 1993