Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Reglazing Full Service From $375.00 with High Quality 7 Year Warranty

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Our Bathtub Refinishing service Includes:

– Removal of old Caulking
– Repair small Chips, Rust, Cracks or Holes
– Decontamination of Surface

– Acid Etching to Promote Adhesion

– Application of Rust inhibitor/Primer
– Application of 3-4 Top coats in White
– Application of New Caulking
– New 7 year warranty

OPTIONAL: Bathtub Non-Slip for $55

bathtub refinishingBathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing Service

Let BathTubGuys Professional and Expert staff take care of your Bathtub and bring it to even better than it’s original look! Our technicians are all trained in house by our Master Coating application expert Joe who is Certified by DuPont and has over 27 years of experience that he passed on to each of our field technicians. BathTubGuys professional technicians will assure all personal items and furniture is protected, as well as deliver unmatched Service and Quality.

Is a Bathtub Restoration Service The Right Choice?

Bathtub Refinishing is a tried and true process that is Standard in virtually all Hotels and Resorts. In most cases residential Bathtubs can be restored fully and can last you decades with a professional job from a BathTubGuys technician.


Tub Refinishing VS Replacement?

BathTubGuys current cost for Bathtub Refinish is $375.00 and you may be asking why it’s priced so close to buying a brand new bathtub? That is because houses are essentially built around the tub, this makes replacing a much bigger task than simply removing the tub and installing a new one.

Replacement can easily cost thousands of dollars when you factor in the cost of the tub, the cost per hour labor and for material with a certified Plumber as well as the likely cost of drywall and tile repair that normally is associated with ripping out an original bathtub.

Also as a side note $375 is well below the national average for Bathtub Refinishing which according to  ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ https://www.bhg.com/bathroom/shower-bath/bathtub-refinishing-tips/ AND ‘Angies List’ https://www.angieslist.com/articles/should-you-refinish-or-replace-your-bathtub.htm the national average for a Bathtub Refinishing Service from a Professional is around $460-$500 with some people reporting higher costs up to $1,000. Because of this BathTubGuys is not only a High Quality Job from DuPont Certified technicians but it’s also cost effective.