Bathtub Refinishing

The only proven cost saving alternative to replacement. Save thousands by hiring professionals to reglaze your Bathtub with a long lasting Industrial coating that’s backed up with a warranty…

When thinking of bathroom renovations many home owners assume that it has to be an expensive and time consuming undertaking. It’s become common for homeowners to finance tens of thousands of dollars due to soaring costs tied to traditional renovations in their bathrooms and kitchens. Coupled with this is weeks of having your spaces out of commission while you wait on lengthy renovations, delays in supply chain and constant price changes.

These solutions are not exactly ideal for everyone so let BathTubGuys Refinishing inform you on the only tried and true cost and time saving alternative to remodeling known as surface refinishing.

What is Refinishing?

In its simplest form refinishing is the restoration of a surface.

How can this help you?

Well, due to remarkable advancement in the last 4 decades refinishing has become a legitimate alternative to costly remodels in bathrooms and kitchens. Specifically by way of Bathtub Refinishing & the Bathroom Refinishing Industry as a whole as well as Kitchen Refinishing.

What is Bathtub Refinishing?

It’s the surface restoration of your bathtub by use of specialty coatings to bring your bathtub back to like new without the need for costly & time consuming bathtub replacement.

What if my bathtub is damaged?

One of the best benefits of Bathtub Refinishing is that we can repair all types of damage like chips, scratches, stains, cracks and holes. They’ll be repaired and refinished to a like new state without any replacement needed.

How does Bathtub Refinishing work?

It works by way of special processes as well as specialty coatings that create a molecular bond so tight to the surface that it can survive day to day use for years to come after installation.

The BathTubGuys Process for refinishing goes as follows:

  • We Decontaminate and mask the Bathroom
  • We Remove Old Caulking & Repair any Small Chips, Rust or Scratches
  • We Perform an Industrial Acid Wash
  • We Perform a Surface Etch and Sand the Surface to Promote a Strong Bond
  • We Apply a Self Etching Aerospace Primer To Further Adhesion Strength
  • We Apply 3-4 Coats of Top Coat
  • We Apply New Caulking around the Bathtub
  • We Remove all masking and do quality assurance and cleanup.

(This process is the same for tile, showers and counters)

All Work Comes Standard with Our High Quality Lifetime Warranty.

What is Bathroom Refinishing?

“Bathroom Refinishing” is a more blanket term for the type of work people in our industry do. Nearly every self described “Bathtub Refinisher” also offers the refinishing of ceramic tile, showers, fiberglass inserts as well as various types of countertop types.

How long does Bathtub Refinishing last?

With proper care & maintenance your refinished bathtub will last 25+ years. Many refinishers will offer some sort of warranty, 5 years is the industry standard. However, at BathTubGuys we feel so strongly about our systems and workmanship that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our residential work.

How much does Bathtub Refinishing Cost?

Our Bathtub Refinishing Service starts at $499 with a Lifetime Warranty. Some things that typically effect pricing are major repairs that include body work or if the bathtub was previously refinished and requires removal of the previous failed coating.

Does Bathtub Refinishing Fail?

Like with many things it depends. There’s a lot of competition in this industry & with that comes those who take shortcuts on the process and thus it leads to a failure. Failures are typically caused by skipping crucial steps such as surface etching or primer application. At BathTubGuys we use a unique 3 step adhesion process that consists of a mechanical sanding, chemical etching and special high bonding primer to ensure a consistent and long lasting application. It’s all backed up by our Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty.

Can I refinish in any color?

Yes! A unique advantage of choosing refinishing over replacement is that you’re only limited to your imagination. Your bathtub, tile or counters can be refinished to any color you’d like from traditional White, Almond & Biscuit to unique colors like Black, Red, Pink or any color you desire. We also offer designer colors that are very popular for ceramic tile as well as countertops. These beautiful coatings resemble granite and offer a stunning contrast to the traditional look of your bathroom. You can get that fresh new look without spending tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time!

Can I do it myself?

We wouldn’t recommend it. There are “Do it yourself” kits out there at big box retailers that claim this is something anyone can do and while the initial application may look fine they fail to supply you with the industrial grade materials and equipment that’s needed to deliver a long lasting and professional job. The paint in those kits typically includes cheap resins that aren’t formulated for long underwater use. They also fail to include etching solutions that are effective enough to etch porcelain or tile. Take it from a professional refinishing contractor, 45% of our business is fixing “D.I.Y” nightmares like paint runs, rough texture and peeling of the surface finish. Call a professional and get it done right the first time.

In conclusion

Bathtub Refinishing or Bathroom Refinishing is the only true option to avoid costly replacement while still getting that bathroom of your dreams. It’s a tried and true process that’s existed for decades and has solidified itself as a fantastic option for the consumer looking for a fresh look without breaking the bank. Skip costly replacement and say no to sketchy “DIY” kits and contact a professional Bathtub Refinishing company.

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Bathtub Refinishing

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