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What is Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtub Refinishing sometimes called “Bathtub Reglazing” is a cost effective bathroom renovation alternative.

The Process is best when professionals clean, etch, primer and top coat the bathtub surface with a polyurethane or similar industrial coating process.

What is Refinish

How long does Bathtub Refinishing Last?

How Long It takes

Bathtub Refinishing / Bathtub Reglazing typically lasts 10-15 years with proper surface preparation.

Many companies offer a 5 year warranty however, a Lifetime warranty has become normal in certain markets because of advancements in technology and more consumer education on proper care and maintenance for refinished surfaces.

There are many big box stores that claim to sell professional bathtub refinishing kits or coatings that are rolled on. The issue with these is that in order for these to bond you need access to industrial grade adhesion promoters and primers in order for them to adhere properly.

They also will not look or feel like natural tile like a professional bathtub refinishing service will. Not to mention fixing the failures from these big box kits are 30% of our business, Refinishing is NOT a D.I.Y.

What is the Bathtub Refinishing process?

The BathTubGuys Process:

All Work Comes Standard with Our High Quality Lifetime Warranty.

  • We Decontaminate surfaces being worked on & mask the Bathroom
  • We Remove Old Caulking & Repair any Small Chips, Rust or Scratches
  • We Perform an Industrial Acid Wash
  • We Perform a Surface Etch and Sand the Surface to Promote a Strong Bond
  • We Apply a Self Etching Aerospace Epoxy Primer To Further Adhesion Strength
  • We Apply 3-4 Coats of Polyurethane Acrylic Enamel Top Coat
  • We Apply New Caulking around the Bathtub
  • We Remove all masking and do quality assurance and cleanup.


Ugly Bathtub

What will my refinished surface look and feel like?

Refinished tub

It will feel smooth and look glossy comparable to a factory finish!

Unlike other companies that make you wait weeks or even months for a warranty claim, BathTubGuys services come standard with a Quality Assurance Guarantee. This unique perk means if you have an issue your technician will return in 1-2 business days to address any concerns right away assuring you’re satisfied with the finished product. (Technician may buff and polish or respray any areas as needed at this time)

We are confident in our ability to provide a smooth and glossy finish every single time. We know things can happen and perfection isn’t always possible the first time so we warranty a smooth and glossy finish in our Lifetime Warranty we are the only refinishing company that goes above and beyond failures of adhesion and guarantees a smooth and glossy finish in our Written Warranty.

A BathTubGuys representative will respond in 1-2 Hours*

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