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What is Countertop Refinishing?

Countertop Refinishing also known as “Countertop Resurfacing” is the process of restoring existing kitchen and bathroom vanity tops to extend it’ life without replacement.

The process involves applying a durable polyurethane acrylic coating or durable epoxy to the counter surface.

Counter Top Refinish

Is Countertop Refinishing affordable? How long does it take?

CounterTop Refinish Orlando

Refinishing in general is always more affordable than replacement.

You can expect to save over 50% when compared to replacement costs.

You will also save tons of time, you can have your kitchen back in service in just 24-36 hours as well as your bathroom countertops.

What are the design and color options?

We are proud to offer not just Designer-Stone colors that resemble granite in dozens of designs but also Custom Exotic Epoxy pours that can be made to resemble rare marble and quartz.

Classic Stone Accents

All New Stone Accents

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